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How to Treat Refugees in our Midst (podcast sermon)

A sermon about how to treat those who often feel feel left out or unnoticed in assemblies, such as the chronically ill, the elderly, or minorities. (audio)

How to subscribe to Spring Warrior’s sermons with iTunes

1. From within iTunes, go to the iTunes store. Don’t worry, the podcast is free.
2. Search for “Spring Warrior,” we should be one of the top results for that search phrase. Our logo is an open Bible. If the search results don’t prove useful, you can manually subscribe to our feed from within iTunes. From the Advanced menu, choose “Subscribe to Podcast…” and enter the podcast feed URL ( iTunes will subscribe you to the podcasts and begin downloading immediately.
3. Click “Subscribe.”
4. Plug in your iPod into the computer.
5. Start iTunes if it doesn’t start automatically.
6. On the left panel, about half-way down, click Device.
7. On the Tabs across the top, find and click Podcasts.
8. Ensure that you find Spring Warrior and that its selection box has a check mark in it.

More info from Apple:

Recorded sermon: Fasting & Prayer

Fasting & Prayer, a recorded sermon.

Recorded Sermon: Possess Your Land

Possess Your Land,” is a challenging sermon about the need for Christians to continue to obey God’s word after conversion, and to remove the sins, temptations and obstacles from their lives so that they may grow spiritually. Two of the proof-texts are Deuteronomy 4:1-4 and Joshua 17:14-18.

Recorded Bible class study: Hebrews 11:1-7

Recorded Bible class study: Hebrews 11:1-7

We Have a New President (audio sermon) by Jeff Himmel

We Have a New President (audio sermon) by Jeff Himmel

Faith and Works (audio sermon) by Steve Dewhirst

Faith and Works (audio file) by Steve Dewhirst