Our Work

The church at Spring Warrior endeavors to further the cause of Christ through evangelism, edification, study of God’s word, worship and benevolence.

We have an eldership, which oversees the work of the church (Acts 20:28). We study the bible together (2 Timothy 2:15). We host gospel meetings to encourage and renew ourselves and each other. We financially support evangelists in other parts of the state, country and world. We gather at one another’s home to sing (Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16), or simply visit and share a meal or refreshments. At times, we print articles on Bible topics in the local newspaper.

Through the guidance of the elders, Spring Warrior has formed four work groups. The purpose of the groups is to provide opportunities and encouragement for all members to become actively involved in the work of the church (Ephesians 4:11-16), with a focus on spreading His word. Each group has a deacon and an elder or preacher. These groups carry out projects such as door-knocking campaigns (Matthew 28:28-20), print or mail advertising, visit the sick or spiritually weak brethren (James 5:19-20), assist in a benevolent chore for a widow, or make arrangements to cook for a family who recently lost a love one or has a family member who is sick or hospitalized.

In short we simply seek to praise God, do good to all (Galatians 6:10), and be mindful that whatever we do, whether in word or deed, we do it in the name of the Lord Jesus while giving thanks to God (Colossians 3:17).

Come join us!