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Where Joy and Sorrow Meet – an mp3 audio sermon about the cross

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet” a sermon about the cross by Dan Chaney.

The Birth of Christ

Dan Chaney’s Christmas sermon: The Birth of Christ

Listen to the audio

Download the PowerPoint

View the PowerPoint online at Google Docs

Seeing Christ & the Plan of Salvation in the Old Testament Tabernacle

Bill Blue presented a sermon this morning on seeing Christ and the plan of salvation in the Old Testament Tabernacle. The sermon is available in the following pptx PowerPoint file. Sorry, no audio. Please note that I failed to include a passage in the slide that points out that all spiritual blessings are found in Christ. I’ll let you study the slides and see where you would include it. Also, please note that one of my Old Testament verses is included in the wrong place, either the passage for the menorah is include at the table of the shewbread, or vice-versa. The first slide is blank.

Picturing Christ & His Suffering (an mp3 audio sermon)

Picturing Christ and His Suffering, and audio sermon in mp3 format

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ (audio sermon) by Steve Dewhirst

The Kingdomof Jesus Christ (audio file) by Steve Dewhirst